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    When moving internationally, every item on your to-do list needs to be carefully planned, and various outcomes need to be anticipated. Thinking about the best storage services on time could spare you a headache or two down the road, and the International Mover company has all that it takes to help you with it.

    Choose Only the Best Storage Services With International Mover Company

    We at International Mover company strive to give you only the best relocation experience, with transparent and competitive prices and a professional and highly-trained team. Our storage services don’t stay behind – rest assured that within our units, your items will be completely safe and secured

    Although it may seem like an easy task, know that we put a lot of our time and effort so that each item in each unit stays protected. When you opt for this additional service, know that your belongings will be stored in units that are subjected to constant surveillance, both human and electronic. In addition to that, we offer a temperature-controlled space which guarantees that there will not be temperature-induced damages.

    Choose the Best Location to Store Your Boxes and Furniture

    With moving overseas, you are able to choose where you’ll store your belongings – on the territory of the US or in a foreign country. Ensure to rethink which of these two options is the most convenient for your needs and current circumstances. Factors such as is your new home ready or even if you’ll need those belongings while living abroad could be important factors when deciding about the use of a unit and its location. In any case, don’t hesitate to contact our agents for detailed information on storage options

    How Does Inventory Control Work?

    No matter the destination, know that we leave no room for mistakes, which is why we implemented a complete inventory control for each customer. When your boxes and furniture enter our warehouse, our professional team provides them with a barcode that guarantees an easy task of getting your belongings out. The chances that something gets left behind or goes missing couldn’t be slimmer, which will only add to a stress-free relocation experience you’ll get if you hire our movers

    The Use of Storage Units Could Be a Life-Saving Solution

    While in some cases choosing a storage service is an option you could opt for or against, in other cases renting a space for your items is a necessity. If your house is not ready on time or if you decide to explore housing options before moving in, finding a safe space for your belongings could be the only possible solution. You could also choose to store those things you don’t want coming with you overseas and let them wait for you to come back or ultimately decide what you are going to do with them. In both cases, you’ll need to find a safe space.

    Store Your Items Free of Charge With Our Storage Services

    You could use our units as long as you need them and know that your price will be based on your inventory list. However, keep in mind that we’ll always have our clients’ best interest at heart, which is why we decided to offer them a very helpful convenience. If you decide to hire the International Mover company, know that you’ll get 30 days of free storage (for units located in the US) – it will give you enough time to settle down and reunite with your furniture and other items after the move.

    Each Additional Service Will Make Your Transition Easier

    Storage options are not the only additional professional service we can offer. No matter if you choose international moving by air or by sea, know that complexity of the relocation to a new home in a new country could be minimalized with our: 

    • Packing – let our international movers care about packing your furniture, dishes, and everything else that is a part of your household, so you could focus on other tasks needed to be done by you. 
    • Custom crating – packing bulky and complicated objects is never easy, so let our professional and experienced team deal with objects that could use more attention.
    • Door-to-door delivery – with picking up and delivering your belongings in front of your home, your relocation will become as easy as it gets. 
    • Overseas vehicle shipping – if you use our auto transport, we will make sure that your car gets to your new home intact as soon as possible. 

    Insurance – Minimum Liability Coverage is one of the two offered options, and it will cover 60 cents per pound of a damaged item. However, Full Replacement Coverage is a service that will allow you to claim full value replacement on any damaged furniture piece or any other object. Try not to overlook the importance of insurance, especially when it comes to international moving, where your belongings need to go through custom exams before entering the country.

    Be Familiar With Items That Are Prohibited in a Foreign Country

    Every country has its own rules and regulations about what can and cannot be transported to their territory – you need to be familiar with the list before you even start the process of packing. If something on it is worth keeping, store them in a space you find fitting so you could get it back and use it when you decide to move again.

    Ensure Your Belongings Are Safe With the Best International Moving Company

    From everything said above, it is pretty obvious – with our international moving services you can do no wrong. We are proud to say that our previous customers think of us as reliable and trustworthy and are often willing to put yet another of their relocations in our professional hands. The same goes for all additional services, including storage – let us take care of every detail concerning your international moving, and we assure you that we will deliver a stress-free and easy relocation to a new home each time. Call us now and get your free quote today!