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    If you want to enjoy the benefits of driving after you relocate abroad, you’ll need overseas vehicle shipping services to help you make that idea a reality. And so that you could breathe easily through the whole process, you would need top-quality international movers that are completely up to the task – and we at International Mover got you covered!

    Choose International Mover if You Are Looking for the Best Overseas Vehicle Shipping Services

    A highly trained and experienced relocation team that aims to meet all your requirements represents the heart of our international moving company. We will put our maximum effort into delivering your vehicle intact and as fast as possible. With International Mover, a complicated action such as moving overseas would seem like a walk through the park, whether you choose car shipping from the USA or to the States.

    How Does International Vehicle Transportation Services Work?

    With our superb international moving services, you could choose to move by sea or by air, and that is transferred for car transportation as well. There is no limit when it comes to the number of cars needed to be shipped to a new destination, so you shouldn’t worry if you have more vehicles you don’t want to part ways with.

    Auto transport by sea is far more common, and it is connected to lower expenses than a car shipped by air would bring. However, it is important for you to know that the costly nature of shipping by air can give you some additional benefits – air freight is the safest and the fastest option when moving internationally, for both household goods and cars.

    International Vehicle Transportation Options - Choose What Suits You the Best

    Considering your needs and preferences, you’ll be able to choose from several types of transportation methods. When it comes to moving by sea, as the most common one, you could pick a full container load, which implies that you have one container dedicated only for your car all the way to your new country’s destination. On the other hand, if you have several cars, the good option for you would be to ship them in the form of consolidated freight, just note that one container can be filled with four cars at the most.

    We at IM offer many ports from which auto transport could begin, but know that two of our major ports are in New Jersey and Los Angeles. And after your shipment leaves the port, you could always contact us to keep track of it

    Could Shipping Cars Overseas Be Combined With the Transport of Household Items?

    One of the differences between relocation abroad and the one inside the borders of the USA is the possibility of shipping your car and household items at the same time. You could ship your belongings and car at once, with your choice of the container’s size. There is no need to fear the damage that might be caused to your car by your items – they will be separated. 

    There is also a possibility to ship a few of your items by placing them inside of the car, but keep in mind that it is considered as an additional service. Remember that placing your belongings in the front seat is prohibited and that our company would need a list of thighs placed inside of the car.

    Can Inoperable Vehicles Be Shipped?

    Vehicles that are in non-running condition could also be shipped with IM. However, special equipment would be needed – you must remember to contact us with that information so that we could be prepared on the day of the pickup and provide you with an adequate quote.

    What Could I Expect Considering the Cost and Time of Auto Transport?

    As mentioned above, relocating four-wheelers via ocean is a much cheaper option, primarily because of the bigger load one ship could bear. However, if you choose this option for your shipment, be prepared to organize auto transportation on time, preferably a month or so before your relocation, so you could use your car as fast as possible when you finish with the move. 

    Note that the customer always comes first with International Mover, and we are not going to damage your trust with hidden costs or by not respecting our previous agreements. With us, you will get full transparency alongside a free quote. You’ll be glad to know that with our top service we offer a very competitive cost of car transportation.

    How Is the Quote Determined?

    There are several factors included in the assessment of the final cost of overseas car shipping:

    • The chosen mean of transportation,
    • Dimensions and the type of vehicles – we could ship automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and the like,   
    • Chosen pickup and delivery options – we offer door-to-door auto transport service, but you could also opt to give your car at the port in the USA, considering we are a nation-wide company, and get it at the port of your final destination, 
    • Destination port requirements.

    If you have any questions regarding the cost when wanting to ship your car, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

    Documents Needed for Auto Transport Abroad

    In order to export cars from the USA, you must be in possession of the original title of ownership – you can’t transport leased or financed vehicles. Considering the export needs to be approved by the US customs, ensure to have the necessary documentation and provide us (or customs broker) with it as soon as possible. 

    Prepare Your Car for Transportation by Air or by Sea

    Each car needs to be carefully prepared before the beginning of shipment, so ensure to:

    • Contact your authorized service to ensure you’ll ship your car in optimal working condition, 
    • Leave enough time for interior and exterior cleaning,  
    • Empty gas tank – it cannot be more than 1/4 full, 
    • Make a copy of your key for our team and disconnect the alarm system, 
    • Remove valuables and important documents
    • Secure all loose parts
    • Ensure to have enough antifreeze.

    Is Insurance Included in the Initial Cost of Services?

    No matter how hard we try shipping your car without any bumps down the road, accidents are always possible. However, know that as long as your car is in our possession, it will be insured. If you wish for additional full coverage insurance, just in case, know that we will be supportive of your choice.

    Ship Your Vehicle With Us and Enjoy the Experience

    If you are looking for a stress-free car shipment experience, there is no better company than International Mover to provide you with it. Years of experience in relocations abroad and unsurpassed customer service made us top-notch movers throughout the time. If you want to become another in a row of extremely satisfied customers, you know what to do – contact us (or fill the online form) and get your free quote now!