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    Starting a new and exciting chapter in your life in a new country leaves no room for mistakes, so hiring a top international moving company is a must. With international moving by air as the most convenient option and International Mover as the best company that will provide you with it, rest assured you’ll get the first-class relocation experience.

    Why Is International Mover’s Air Freight Service the Best Solution?

    If you are looking for the most efficient and safe move while relocating to the neighboring country or to the other side of the world, air freight service is the one you should choose. Moreover, if you desire to relocate somewhere inside US borders, we made sure that is possible, too. With our highly experienced and professional team and top-rated customer service that is always there to help you, you won’t get to feel the complexity of moving internationally.

    Overseas Relocation as Fast as Grease Lightning

    The reason why people opt for this option when moving overseas lies in the small amount of time needed for your items to be relocated from one doorstep to another.  Ensure to pack your essentials with you while traveling abroad, but know that the rest of your belongings will be with you in no time. And because we are proud of our transparency, keep in mind that tracking your shipment would be possible at any time.

    Our Price Will Always Be Transparent and Without Additional Costs

    There is no reason to sugarcoat it – air freight is pricey, but with the higher cost, you’ll undoubtedly get the most quality when relocating. On top of that, know that we value our customers’ trust the most, and we won’t ever hurt it by trying to earn money on hidden costs – with International Mover, you’ll always get what you agreed on, as you will be able to see on a waybill.

    Get Your Free Estimate as Soon as Possible When Moving

    We could say, without any false modesty, that our services are difficult to surpass when it comes to quality, but our prices remain competitive. If you want to be assured of it, don’t hesitate to contact our company and get your free quote – you’ll be pleasantly surprised,

    When Is Shipping by Air a Good Choice?

    If you have a last-minute move or your relocation abroad needs to be completed before a certain, very close date, using this service may become inevitable – opt for it if you’ll need your belongings very soon after you travel to another country. However, it could also be worthwhile if you don’t have a lot of freight to move – less freight means less cost of international moving services.

    How Do We Determine the Cost of International Shipment by Air?

    If you fall under the category of people who moved at least once in their life, you know that many reliable relocation companies determine their price according to the weight of the inventory. However, the situation is slightly different when you are relocating abroad, where the prices are set according to the volumetric weight and distance between the initial and final destination. Calculation done by the volumetric weight means that, except actual weight, things taken into consideration are the length and height of a package.

    Our Additional Services Will Make Your Overseas Relocation a Breeze

    When you choose our company for your upcoming relocation, know that you’ll have other services that we provide at your disposal – from packing to auto transport. If you deem some of them (or all) could be helpful to you, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can make all necessary arrangements. We offer you:

    • Packing services – relocation abroad is complicated as is it, so if you decide that you want to transfer the headache of packing to someone else, keep in mind that we have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that could help you with this task. It will leave you with enough free time to take care of more important stuff. 
    • Custom crating – if you have some bulky, valuable, and unusual-shaped object that needs special attention, it would be better to leave packing to our packers. They will make sure it gets it.
    • Door-to-door shipment – you just need to wait for us outside of your home(s), we will pick up and deliver your belongings as soon as possible. 
    • Storage services – if your new home is not quite ready yet, we could help you until everything is settled. 


    Overseas vehicle shipping services – if you want to continue driving your precious car in a foreign country, just contact us and say the word, and we will make shipping your car abroad happen.

    Use Insurance and Be Worry-Free When Shipping Your Belongings by Air

    So you could sleep tight while waiting for your items to arrive, think about our insurance options, and choose the one that suits you the best. Know that with our Minimum Liability Coverage, you are able to get 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. Still, we also provide full value replacement (minus the agreed deductible) if you choose our Full Replacement Coverage. Note that insurance is much more needed when moving abroad than during interstate moving because your belongings will be through customs exams.

    Know the Restrictions When Shipping Your Belongings

    One more thing that separates overseas shipment from interstate one is the restrictions you need to follow when entering a foreign country. Some countries, such as Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, and so on, have rules concerning importing certain items in their land. Before packing, contact the country’s embassy and inform yourself about items you can’t move to your future home, so there would be no need to pay extra fees.

    Choose Supreme Air Freight Service and Schedule International Moving by Air With International Mover on Time

    There is no reason to wait any longer – when you decide to move, we will make sure that you have an entirely positive experience by choosing us as your preferable company. With so many satisfied customers who don’t hesitate to contact us whenever they are again in need of relocation, we are confident that our company will provide you with a completely successful and stress-free relocation. Give us a call and get your quote now!