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    Thinking about the transport of bulky and heavy objects can be very tiring – when moving internationally, shipping an oversized freight requires even more planning and logistics than with regular-sized items. Luckily, we got you covered – with International Mover, all your possessions will be transported with the utmost care, regardless of their size.

    Reasons to Choose International Mover for Oversized Freight Transportation

    We at International Mover make no room for error – with the years-long experience and our highly trained team, it is only natural that we know all the ins and outs of the overseas relocation business. That goes with hard-to-ship loads as well – our international moving services will provide you with everything needed for your relocation from or to the USA. Soon you’ll learn that there is almost nothing that couldn’t be shipped if you choose our company. Don’t sell your belongings and regret it later – contact us and get a free quote.

    What Is the Meaning of "Oversized Freight"?

    If you own vehicles, boats, heavy machinery and equipment, buses, yachts, and other extremely wide, tall, or long objects that are in need of overseas transportation, our services, knowledge, and equipment could be of great help. These objects are on the more complicated side when it comes to overseas cargo, but don’t worry – our team does this job daily.


    Although there is not a rule that could define the exact size from which a freight becomes oversized, think about your belongings that cannot be placed inside of regular containers, which usually come in dimensions up to 40ft cube – they would probably be counted as oversize loads.  

    The First Rule of Big Freight Transport - Measure the Dimensions Carefully

    Handling a big freight demands more logistics. In order to haul and place bigger objects on a ship, special equipment is usually needed, so make sure to call our representatives and inform them of your needs. They will probably want to know more about your cargo’s dimensions, so ensure to have prepared the approximate length, height, and width of the object. 

    What Is the Cost of Shipping an Oversize Freight?

    The cost of transporting a big load depends on the size of the load and the chosen method of transportation. Remember that we can’t give you the exact price before your shipment arrives at the port – we will measure your cargo there before placing it on a ship. After that, you should receive the invoice that will contain the final cost. Know that we are proud of our transparency – rest assured that there will be no hidden costs and that the mentioned invoice won’t contain some additional services we hadn’t discussed before.

    What Is the Estimated Time for a Shipment to Arrive?

    Relocation by air is far more expensive, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that relocation by sea is a lot more common. Having that in mind, we are obliged to inform you that the transport of heavy freight via the ocean can last quite some time, depending on the distance, weather, and ports of origin and destination. For that reason, ensure to contact and get your quote on time – the faster we schedule and load the shipment, the faster you’ll get your belongings after the relocation.

    Methods of Transportation for Oversize and Heavy Loads

    As a nationwide company, shipping is possible from numerous ports in the USA, but now major ones are located in New Jersey and Los Angeles. If you have problems getting your cargo to the port, contact us, and we will figure out the logistics and provide you with help. After shipments are delivered to the port, our workers should load them on the ship using the appropriate equipment and technique.

    One of the most common transportation methods for oversize cargo is the famous LoLo (lift-on-lift-off) loading and unloading technique. In order to load and unload shipments, the onboard crane is used as the primary equipment. This method is intended for bulky objects as well as regular containers and is relatively affordable. The flat rack method is another one, used usually for boats and heavy machinery. It implies that the object is closed in a special type of container – the one with no roof and sides that can or cannot be removed.

    Ship Your Cars Overseas by Using a RoRo Method

    Roll-on – roll-off method is used mostly for overseas shipping of vehicles on specially designed ships. Keep in mind that your vehicle will be placed on the deck of the ship and exposed to unpredictable weather conditions and other external impacts. If you are a proud owner of an expensive or classic car, it is always better to go with the containers. Note that currently, we provide this service only in the territory of the USA (Hawaii and Alaska, to be precise.)

    Edit Shipping Inventory if You Want to Transport Heavy Loads

    If you are unsure if you are in possession of heavy cargo or not, don’t hesitate to call us – our representatives will give you all the information you need. If you are already using our services while relocating to a foreign country, note that bigger cargoes need to be highlighted in the inventory. This edit will help us figure out on time all of the logistics for shipping your belongings and be more precise when giving a quote.

    A Few More Things You Need to Know When Shipping Oversized Items

    When it comes to this type of cargo, there are certain actions you should take into consideration. For example:

    • Before you decide to load your vehicles, machinery, equipment, and the like on the ship,  always consult the foreign embassy about the regulations and permits, 
    • If it is possible, choose full replacement coverage insurance to be completely secure (basic insurance is included in the initial quote,) 
    • Prepare properly – secure loose ends and take a photo of the object’s condition before the shipping,  
    • Contact our representatives if you wish to track the shipment.

    With International Mover, Every Object Is Safe, No Matter the Size

    If you are looking for the best international movers and relocation services to help you with your oversize and bulky loads, know that you won’t find better than International Mover – the positive experience our customers have is the ultimate proof. Knowing that, there is no reason not to let us take care of all the logistics for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your free quote, and we will be more than happy to help you with anything concerning your overseas relocation.