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    Taking care of your possessions is perhaps the most dreaded part of the relocation process. It’s both tiresome and time-consuming and requires us to start early to be able to tackle it. If you choose to invest in packing services by International Mover, you will be relieved of this hard work, and you will have a stress-free move-out day.

    We Offer Top-Notch Packing Services for a Smooth Move

    If you need to pack your whole household, you are aware it is a demanding task, and it’s just one of the many things you have to take care of. That’s why it’s a wise choice to contact a professional team to handle everything. When it comes to moving overseas, International Mover is an international moving company that offers a quality packing service, among other solutions for your move.

    Partial Packing Services by Our Moving Company

    Our standard packaging that comes at no additional cost means that our professional team will disassemble all the bulkier furniture and wrap it up. They will also take care of appliances that can’t fit into a standard box. But if you need us to pack more of your belongings, we offer our partial service for less than 15 boxes

    You Can Choose a Full Service to Pack Your Whole Household

    International Mover consists of highly trained professionals who are vetted in handling all kinds of items. If you require us to pack your whole household, we offer a full service. That means our movers will package everything at an additional price, and you won’t have to lift a finger on your move-out day.

    Custom Crating By Our Moving Company

    Besides everyday household items, furniture and appliances, we can ship valuables as well. But since they need specialized care during transport, we offer a more suitable option when it comes to packing. International Mover has highly trained carpenters, and they will take measures for your valuables and create crates made out of heat-treated wood that will fit perfectly. Contact us if you need any information on what kind of items are eligible for custom crating, and we will be happy to help.

    We Provide You With High-Quality Boxes and Other Supplies

    If you invest in our packaging solutions, we will provide all the necessary supplies and materials. We always use high-quality boxes and crates of all sizes, fit for securing even the odd-shaped objects. We also use cushioning materials to make sure even your delicates are safe, and wrapping materials like furniture blankets. When our movers finish with boxing, they will place labels with barcodes and reference numbers on boxes, which will bring any chance of potential loss or mix-up to a minimum.

    International Mover Will Do the Unpacking Part, Too

    Upon the arrival of your belongings, our professional movers will make sure everything is safely unloaded in your new home. They will reassemble the furniture and unload crates and boxes throughout your home. After finishing, they will take care of debris and supplies, and everything will be done in a day.

    Other International Moving Services We Provide You With

    International Mover is a trustworthy company that aims to provide you with an effortless transition to a new home abroad and offer you help in the form of different relocating solutions. If you choose to move with us and pick our services, it will relieve you of unnecessary stress and give you time to focus on other important tasks. Here’s the list of services we offer:


    • Moving services,
    • Storage service,
    • Vehicle shipping service.


    You can contact us for further information, and our customer support team will help you and provide you with answers to all your questions. Call us for a free quote.

    Our Storage Units Are a Good Solution for Your Move

    While you are settling in a new location across the world, you may need some time to arrange everything and think about the layout of your new home. We at International Mover are aware of the needs of our customers, and that is why we offer free storage for the first 30 days. Since your comfortability is our goal, we reassure you that all of your possessions will be secured in our climate-controlled storage units.

    Moving Insurance Will Enable a Stress-Free Move

    It’s good to know that International Mover offers many solutions so you can have a stress-free relocation. If an insurance policy covers your shipment while in transport, it will relieve you of tension. That is why our company offers several options when it comes to insurance for your items. Minimum Liability Coverage is a policy that comes at no additional cost, and it covers $0.60 per lbs of a damaged object.

    But since this type of insurance is not suitable for your valuables, we always encourage our customers to take Full Replacement Coverage. It’s a policy that will cover each item to its total value at an additional fee. You can choose between deductibles of $500, $1000, or $1500, which will be subtracted from the total sum of the claim. When it comes to any possessions with a value over $1,000, they should be added to be included in the coverage. It’s always wise to choose this type of insurance, mainly because you may get through an exam at the customs, and your shipment may sustain some damage.

    We Are the Best International Movers Out There

    You should look no further if you are searching for a reputable company with experience that can make everything go smoothly. Taking care of your shipment and your satisfaction are our primary goals. You can contact us today, and we will be more than happy to give you a quote. We also have a customer support team that can answer all of your questions. Our company is your best choice when it comes to packing and other solutions for moving abroad or moving to the US from anywhere else to make a new home.